Thursday, August 14, 2008


So finally I took out my car (technically my brother's car) today after three weeks of intense driving classes and if I can say so myself I drove pretty well! Although I did have a teeny weeny problem with the reversing part. I also had a fully present audience consisting of my watchman, my maid, my maid's son and my neighbour's driver who helped me take out the car. And finally I had to convince my mother to come out with me for a drive and boy! did she make a fuss!! She said all her du'a's (prayers) and she got in with so much persuasion. And when i started to drive she was impressed!

I was in the heights of my driving happiness when i realized that the fuel tank said 'empty'. Unfortunately I had to stop. But i decided there is always tomorrow!

And the next!

And the next!

And he next!

But to be totally honest I did bump the car when i was taking a reverse. I bumped into this stupid cane chair near the stupid gate where some stupid person had kept it and ultimately i broke the chair and the car was a teeny bit damaged. But the damage is negligible.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to fill the tank and take it out on an actual drive. If my brother is reading this he must be regretting leaving his car behind! Heheheee!!! Too late brother!


ZajeRulEZ said...

Im surprized that u had the courage to put this up on yer blog....if it wuz me...i wud haf payed all de witnesses to keep quite!!! :P

Zarine said...

well thats because i don't care what people think =\