Tuesday, March 31, 2009

happy Happy!!!

I have never actually had the experience of getting what I want. Atleast what I can remember of (or rather can't). But now, as of today, I so so So know!!! And man! does it feel good!! Now I know why "they" say work hard to get what you want. And after tasting this bit, I feel I could do much better when it comes to working hard. I am such a slacker in life and coming from me that's like "WHAT!!!!". But it does feel good no doubt!

Alhamdulillah me so happy!!!!

I was totally smiling to myself today and people thought I was crazy but i don't care!!!
I don't!
i don't!!
I DON"T!!!

I so happy, I grin so much!

Ayo ayo....!

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