Monday, June 1, 2009

Disgrace Down Under

For the past few weeks the papers and news channels have been filled with reports in the racist attacks against Indian students in Australia. This incident is very sad but equally demeaning for the Indians. Indians have been subjected to racism because of their 'brown' skin ever since the British reign over India. But to see something like this happen in Australia is extremely degrading.

These racist attacks popularly called 'curry bashing' has inflicted pain on many students. Every year at least 90000 Indian students are accepted in Australian universities and if this is the response gained then the number of students may seem to reduce gradually through the years.


xoxo, nadia said...

It's a shame isn't it? Alot of the universities in Australia receive most of their income/earnings (?) through international students.

More reports on the news yesterday sickened me as I heard about how the Aussies taunted the victims as they burned their cars.

Let's hope they catch those responsible for these attacks and hope that the Indian students recover from the trauma. It's exam period now...they need loads of support.

Zarine said...

yea i agree with you. every year loads of indian students apply to Australian universities. It's such a shame to watch it all go down this way.

malekat_el7oriya said...

that's so sad i can't believe it's happening so much. It's such a shame and the students must feel so hurt emotionally. I hope things get better inshallah. No one should be subject to that much racism and violence!

Mina said...

You've won an award

Bengali Muslimah said...

wow that kind of noticeable racism still exists. and a place like Australia? =[

"Curry Bashing," pun intended? haha