Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dig Harder You Morons You Might Just Find The Ancient Treasure You Were Searching For.

Oh My God, they're at it again. Seriously what do they expect to be hidden beneath roads? Diamonds? Lost treasure?

The digging never stops. And I doubt if it ever will.

Chennai roads have been subjected to nothing but digging. Digging main roads, digging in the corner of big roads, digging in kurku sandus and basically digging anywhere the surface seems even remotely flat. I'm sick of the 'take diversions' and 'men at work' signs everywhere.

Maybe the Chennai corporation has gone bonkers and ordered the workers to dig the beautiful, wide Anna Nagar roads fringed with lovely old trees. zmy street used to be one of the most nicest, widest streets and now due to this stupid digging it has been transformed into a war zone like how the soldiers in war hide behind these mounds of sand. I have no idea what they're called.

So just a month back they dug only one side of the street and promptly filled it again and layed the tar over it.

Umm hello?
It was the same even before the digging. The very reason for the digging is lost you dumb-heads.

Now the roads are going to be all bumpy bumpy. Ultimately some corporation head bum is going to pay for this.


Ikram Kurdi said...

Where do you live? It was the same case in northern Iraq.

Zarine said...

I live in Chennai, India. Its in my profile. And Chennai is in the southern part of India.

Mina said...

You've been awarded

WhiteOrchid said...

omg that happens a lot here too and its sooo annoying!