Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today I finally decided to get off my butt and accompany my brother to the mall. I'm not exactly a thrifty shopper or a spend thrift for that matter but when I see something really pretty like a gorgeous bag or "buy-me" shoes I get weak at the knees. So today I decided no taking extra money. No sirey. I was going to be smart.

Or so i thought.

I entered the mall to find an exhibition of bags and shoes. They looked so dull from the outside but something made me go inside (thank God for that).

I had entered heaven.
Nirvana. Or whatever else you call it.

I saw the most luscious, soft, luxurious leather bag. It was an icy grey colour made of leather so butter soft, so melting, so absolutely amazing that it made a baby's bottom feel like sand paper.
The grey was shaded so artistically. The chain link was tres chic.

I felt I could drown in the bag.

But you see since Murphy's law practically ruins my life, today was the last day of the sale and I did not have the money to pay for it because I thoght I was being smart.
Screw smart. I would take that bag anyday.

I had no choice but to say tata to the bag and I did with such a heavy heart. Oh how my heart weeped! And considering I'm a little hormonally challenged today I was practically in depression by the time I left.

So to cheer myself up I bought the biggest can of Pringles, soda and a Vogue because Vogue is my only friend who can cheer me up.

On my way home I saw a dead cat on the road. Although I'm not very animal friendly it was so sad!
Pavum that cat.
But for some reason my brother found a dead cat in the middle of the road amusing.


Anonymous said...

never in a 100 years will a baby's bottom be like sand paper, that's exaggeration at its best...

Zarine said...

lol.. Well maybe if we evolutionize to thick skinned, moisturizer seeking humans..