Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Summer's here.
Actually its been here for quite a while.

You can recognize its presence when you feel the heat beating down upon your back and casting its hot, almost fire like self on your head. If you're a baldie then I pity you.

Summers are characterized by sweat, sweat, sweat, stink and of never ending complaints. People should realize that talking about it won't make it all go away. Every year the Meteorological Department says that its the 'Worst Summer So Far'.


You take us for a bunch of imbeciles? Telling us things we already knew even before you did.

This summer is extra stinky. Thanks to Shashi Tharoor and the Indian Premier Losers. The stench that fills the air is the smell of corruption that India very famous for. Everybody knew something was happening behind the closed doors. Now that its all out in the open no one is the least bit surprised.

We expected the expected.
Not the unexpected.

Isn't this summer turning out to be just the perfect Indian summer ever?!


Shrav said...

totally.. Modi seems to own most of the teams..

And the summer, like you said, nothing's gonna change, but it's horrible...

Summer lovin' it seems :P

Zarine Mohideen said...

lol okay then the title is 'Summer Hatin'.

That's appropriate, no?

MyrtleTurtle said...

I like the irony of Summer Lovin' :)

And Lol@Indian Premier Losers ;)

Zarine Mohideen said...


You Myrtle Turtle got a turtle for you dp!

OooOoh! I love you!

Shrav said...

there it goes, someone loves you for the irony :P soo i'll let ya keep it :P