Monday, June 7, 2010

The playlist in my gym:

1. churaa liya hain thumne jo dilko
2. Sean Paul - Temperature
4. Snoop Dog

Diverse, much?


Mir said...

At least one can tell what language Chura liya is in. The other two? Hopeless.

To his credit, Sean Paul has some melody, a discernible tune.

Snoop Dogg simply sounds like a man trying to speak while grinding his teeth..

Zarine Mohideen said...

It was the remixed version of Chura liya. You should listen to it.
It's everything the original wasn't - cheap and loud with crazy "Indipop" type beats.

Anonymous said...

snoop dog..LOL

Anonymous said...

Original is original, that's why it is called original ;)

If you want to listen to a good version of Chura liya apart from the original, try Nomadix remix from Buddha Bar. The Ten years collection to be more specific.

This one time I have to admit Bally Sagoo didn't do a great job of remixing a great classic... That's probably what your gym play'd for you !

Cheers, IM !