Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Supremely Awesome!

Every evening when I get back from college the first thing my hands itch for apart from food is a newspaper. Now we get four papers sent to my house every morning - The Indian Express, The Hindu, The Economic Times and Dina Thanthi. I love the smell of fresh newspapers and the way they feel between my fingers. Also, I'm totally devoted to 'The Hindu' so the first paper I reach out to is this.

But today was a shocker! I opened the paper and heard voices coming out of it! Literally! I thought the paper was talking!

But it turns out it was a Supremely Awesome advertisement for a Volkswagen car! There was a small device attached to the back that kept playing "Something something Volkswagen's (insert new car name) something something. Volkswagen. Das auto." on a loop. It had a sensor type thing built in so that every time something covered it, like say, if you place your hand on it or flip the paper over, the audio stops!

What a way to get your attention! And it was sooo cool!!

My brother says its a lame car since it doesn't have some Supremely Awesome features.
Who cares!

It's a Supremely Awesome advertisement!

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JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Assalam alaykum sister
:) really!!!
that sounds too cool!!
but i find your bedsheet (i assume it to be a bedsheet!) is way way cooler!!
lovedddd it :)
so bright and colourful!