Saturday, October 2, 2010

21 Years Of Me

I had my 21st birthday yesterday and it went on without any fanfare contrary to what I had been planning all this while. Unsurprisingly enough, I was pretty depressed the entire day what with turning 21 and everything. My friends have been sweet enough to throw be a surprise party almost EVERY year. At that time it sounded like the most dumbest thing and I didn't have one yesterday. But one thing I learned : I'm never too old for surprise parties.

I've spent 21 years on this planet. Thinking back, I cannot think of a single amazing thing I've done. Its eerie that I have memories that are twenty one years old. Yesterday I was sad about the fact that I'm growing old. I know we have no control over our age and time but everything is moving so fast. Life is moving so fast and I'm worried that I may not have the time to do the things I want to do and to just stop and smell the roses.

The night before my birthday N had this to say when I was cribbing about growing old : "Age just makes you wiser. You will be wiser tomorrow than you were today." That time I laughed it off treating it as one of her crazy quotes. But when I stopped to think about it I realized that in some way its all relative and true. I've had certain experiences in my life that have shaped me and molded me into the person that I am today. I wouldn't make the choices that I make today if I didn't have those experiences backing me. Although it feels like I've been to hell and back I believe that everything happens for a reason.

So today I realized that instead of mourning over something that I have no control on, I can just be a woman and own it. Age is all in the mind. If I think I'm old then I am or I could also be a forty two year old eating a cherry lollipop and watching Disney cartoons cos, by God, when I'm forty two I will!


Anonymous said...

ZARINE! happy happy happy birthday! :D i thought about you the whole day; hope you're doing good, re!

i love you!

Zarine Mohideen said...

Ah, thanks V!
How you been? Keep in touch!!
And yes, yes, I love you too!

Anonymous said...

doing good, getting schooled everyday haha:) how about you? :)

Nazia said...

Hey, Zarine! I discovered your blog though Facebook stalking. It's weird that I hadn't stumbled upon it earlier; I consider myself a talented stalker.

About the post, I can relate. I'm turning 21 soon, and I'm kinda dreading it. But on the bright side, I can drink legally! Wooohooo! NOT.

I seem to have missed your 'happy birthday'. So happy birthday!

Zarine Mohideen said...

@Nazia : Oooh Facebook stalking is my favorite activity too!

And Happy Birthday for when you do turn 21!
Welcome to this side of life!

Zarine Mohideen said...
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