Sunday, November 13, 2011


November is supposed to be cold and wet. A preview of what December holds. But the weather has been going from rainy nights to bright mornings. It confuses me, this uncertainty. November is no longer dark and broody. November is confusion. December defines the end of yet another year. But November is such an odd month. 

November is disappointing.


tharani said...

November is a confusion.Very true that is. How have you been girl. long time

♀♥ كيارا ♥♀ ♀♥ Kiara ♥♀ said...

Yes... it's disappointing me tto! And I live in Brazil, huh? Here the weather is very crazy hahaha!

Sandhya said...

Very true! It's an unrelated month between Halloween and Christmas! :P :D